Where to buy sustainably sourced Fresh Fish

As we are very well aware eating fresh fish as part of our diet is a beneficial and healthy way to live. Depending on where we live in the world impacts on this massively. For instance if we live near a sea port or a small fishing port it would be logical that obtaining freshly caught fish and other seafood would be a lot easier than if we lived 50 miles in land or more. Particularly if we lived in more remote parts of the world, getting our hands on fresh seafood would be near impossible. Living in the western world with the mass of supermarkets available to shoppers it has made the ability to buy fresh fish relatively easy. However, by removing the link from fisherman to the consumer the potential buyer has very little in the way of being able to ask where the fish has been caught and what method was used in the catching of the fish.

For instance the fish and other sealife caught off the waters of the UK is regulated very strictly and because of this the waters in and around the shores of Great Britain and Ireland are seeing fish stocks returning and the growth in Cod and Haddock stocks in the North Sea. Fishermen throughout Europe are governed by these regulatory bidies ensuring the best practices are used and that no over fishing takes place.

When it comes to purchasing fresh seafood, there are now alternatives to using the supermarket. More seafood wholesalers are turning to the internet as a way of selling their fresh fish. SeeĀ  http://www.aoseafood.co.uk/buy-fresh-fish.html

With these websites there is usually plenty of info about when the fresh fish you are interested in buying has been fished from, when it is in season, how it was fished and so on. This puts at the fingertips of the consumer as much info as is available for them to make an informed andĀ  considered purchase. For many, to buy fresh fish online can throw up a bit of a question, which is how fresh will my fish be and will it be in perfect condition once it arrives. Well it seems that unlike fishmongers and supermarkets, the fresh fish and other seafood bought online has been landed sometimes within hours. Most of the seafood is bought to order including on line orders off the website and they are then prepared and dispatched within hours of it being sold. Unlike supermarkets where the fish can be lying on the fishmongers counter for upwards of 3 weeks.

Fresh Fish and seafood bought from a website is then sealed and packed in chilled insulated boxes ready for next day delivery. The seafood can stay chilled in these boxes for up to 48 hours, making sure the Fresh Fish arrives in perfect condition to the customers house. For more info see www.aoseafood.co.uk

Marine Fish Sustainability & its impact on the Fishing Industry

Oceans and seas that are in a healthy condition are massively important to the marine environments, employment and financial systems all over the world. Human activity is have more and more of a negative affect on our oceans.

Altering seas: Researchers, government authorities, conservation groups and fishery managers are among individuals worried about alterations in some fishery assets.

The sea food economy is a vital cause of global trade, supporting companies and livelihoods worldwide.

Fishing towns need productive oceans for employment and economic security.

Seafood as food: Seafood is really a healthy, renewable meal source, as well as for some it is important for survival. Because the world’s population growing this is now putting alot of pressure on fisheries around the world.

The environment impact of fishing needs responsible management to safeguard sensitive marine environments for future years.

Global warming brings new questions and global implications that compound the difficulties of fishing and marine conservation.

Sustainable fishing

Around the world you will find fisheries using good management practices to guard jobs, secure seafood stocks for future years which help to safeguard the marine atmosphere. In the Marine Stewardship Council, we feel that sustainable fishing is really a effective solution. You want to see well handled fisheries recognised and compensated, and you want to encourage more fisheries to participate them. Through our certification and ecolabelling program we aim to turn back decline of seafood stocks, safeguard livelihoods and deliver enhancements in marine conservation worldwide. Our blue ecolabel causes it to be simple for everybody to help make the best environment choice in sea food.